Sun Stone

A stone infused with the powers of the sun.


This stone can be used in many ways, most are magical, but the most common use is to make arrows, but it’s been used to make goggles and wands also. When used to make arrows, the common effect if done right is that it’ll make sunlight, and shine like the sun. (Effects vampires like sunlight) Wands will just make a bright sunlight glow at the tip. Goggles are one of the most useful effects though, when made right they will act like night-vision goggles, only without the drawback of a small light blinding. The drawback is that you see everything as the same light, so you don’t know where to hide or anything of that sort.


It’s made by a simple spell on stones. It was made by vampire hunters to be easy to make and to hunt vampires. A simple light on a wand keeps a lot of vampires away.

Sun Stone

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