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  • Shadow Slayer. (not yet done)

Hello i am (I don’t want my real name known.) and i play Shadow Slayer in the campaign. This is his back story.

“My name used to be john. I was just a halfling being trained under “The Red Hand” to become an assassin with high pay and lower risk than a warrior. I was never the best at hiding and moving silently so it was decided I should be taught how to manipulate shadows in order to compensate. My teacher was odd and twitchy but I didn’t mind so long as I learned how to do this and got hired by “The Red Hand”. I was halfway done and he decided to check my progress by forcing me into the Shadow Realm and then helping me get back out because it is easier to exit the Shadow Realm than enter. He was able to easily get me into the Shadow Realm but then I saw him smirk and disappear and I was trapped. I worked for hours on trying to get out by using the powers he helped me unlock but I just couldn’t manage any progress so I tried asking for instruction but none came. I quickly figured out that he just trapped me in the Shadow Realm and intended for me to never get out. I hunted small shadow creatures for food and when I wasn’t hunting I was trying to get out. I believe that maybe it was the creatures I hunted that made me become a half shadow and when I did I was able to manipulate shadows better than my previous master but I didn’t care I wanted more power but at the same time I wanted revenge more so I decided to damn the extra powers I wanted that man dead. When I went back to “The Red Hand” I found the mercenaries dead or gone because of my previous master. Now I hated him even more because he had not only imprisoned me in the Shadow Realm but he also killed my future job. I searched for only an hour before I found out that he had actually made himself powerful enough to rule the village, make it rebel against the kingdom, and was fighting to make this village control everything the kingdom owned. I found him in the town hall and left his head in the Shadow Realm while the rest of him got to stay in his precious little town hall. I thought that was all I wanted but I felt nothing at his death so I killed anyone that followed his ways to erase him from history. Not long after an emissary from the kingdom came to congratulate me for defeating the rebel army and offered me a position as the kings personal guard. I sent him back to his king with a message… carved in his torso that said “no”. No amount of death could quench my thirst for blood, but only made me wish for more. Taking out my rage on others just made it multiply into something stronger and even more powerful. Soon I forgot about other emotions like pride, fear, hope, love, or happiness and I could only think about where to go next.

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