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Welcome New Players

Welcome new players, if you’re on this page it means one of three things; first that I sent a message to you asking you to join. The second option is that you live in the Northern Pacific ocean and are looking for a close game. Good luck, that was to make this private. And third option is that you found a random game that happened to be this. Which I could see.
Anyway, this game I’m making is a game of exploration more than anything else. It’s based off of the Myst games and books in that I took a few ideas off of them, more on that later. My game I plan to be us trying to get back to our home world. I’m also planning to try and make this game a bit Christian, but I might not put to much into that.
Now I think I’ll go back to what I brought over from the Myst games/books. I plan on you starting out in a cave, and being teleported to another world by a book that you touched. And then the plan’s that you go to different worlds with those same types of books to find things to make life easier. I’m explaining this horribly, and I should just stop trying to not give out spoilers. :P Anyway, a few things I’ll mention is that the world you started in is your normal D&D world, with a lot of gods, a fair amount of magic, and little tech. The worlds you’re going to, well, that’s to be seen. But I’m putting no restrictions in…

Introductions for the characters.

Hello i am (I don’t want my real name known.) and i play Shadow Slayer in the campaign. This is his back story.

“My name used to be Najirr and i was born into a jungle tribe and i lived there until around the age of 9. I learned fighting and hunting techniques among the warriors of the tribe and was being trained for rouge combat. When i was 9 my family had finally got together enough money to travel to a village in the dessert.

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